Vacuum Fittings & Line

  • $35.00

Already have a boost controller setup? Maybe you just want to upgrade your existing lines? 

This kit is exactly what you need to run new or convert over those old dry rotted and cracked vacuum lines. Our push lock kit makes for an extremely easy install as well as removal for future repairs or modifications to your setup.

Included is 15ft of actual DOT rated air line with astounding heat and air pressure ratings that surely wont let you down in your high boost setups even when the under hood temps are scorching and lines run close to the manifold and/or down pipe.

We also include a beautiful assortment of  1/8 NPT push lock fittings, for your choice of either 3 port or 4 port solenoid setups making sure you have all the needed parts for a complete install even down to the breather port!

3 Port Kit Contents: 

  • 1 Breather
  • 1 Straight
  • 1 Push T
  • 1 Threaded T
  • 4 Elbows
4 Port Kit Contents:
  • 1 Breather
  • 1 Straight
  • 5 Elbows