Turbo Shield Guard Screen Air Filter

  • $45.00

Guard your turbo!

The PLM turbo shield is the best value when it comes to protection of your turbo. By putting a screen clamp over the turbo inlet, it prevents large debris from entering into the turbo housing.

This is the best option if you don't have enough room to run a cone-style filter or if you want to retain that clean engine bay look!

Key Features:

  • True one-piece molded silicone design

  • Stainless steel mesh screen

  • High temperature rated silicone  

  • Available in 3" or 4" inch sizes

  • Offered with both mesh and hexagon screens

  • Universal application

  • Clamp-on installation


  • Please measure the turbo inlet opening before purchase

  • It is advised that you check the screen from time to time, as it is a regular maintenance item

  • PLM and its affiliates are not responsible for any damages to your turbo for installing this screen