Acura TSX CL9 Honda Accord CL7 Shifter Base Plate

  • $80.00

Precision Works TSX Accord (CL9) Shifter Mounting Plate

Why use this plate? You can use the Precision Works Fully Adjustable Billet TSX / Accord CL9 Shifter or a comparable shifter box without cutting a hole in the exhaust tunnel of the chassis which leaves more room for larger exhaust systems.


  • Acura Integra K20 K24 1994-2001

  • Honda Civic K20 K24 1988-2000

Key Features:

  • Mounts above exhaust tunnel

  • Routes shifter cables inside the vehicle

  • Heater core needs to be deleted

  • Shifter setup does not clear any interior panels or center consoles

  • Instructions are not included