T1 Trigger Harness

  • $44.99

When purchasing one of the Honda engine position sensor systems such as the T1 or KS style kits you are left with a very common issue. Incomplete wiring... We have solved that issue for you! Instead of having to source the proper wiring and pinning the sensor etc you now have the simplest option on the market today. Plug this harness into your T1 dual pole hall sensor and run the wiring back to your ecu. Terminate the wiring and pin into your ecu connector for a very quick and nearly painless installation!

This kit is compatible with all standalone ecus that can utilize the T1 sensors dual pole hall effect sensor outputs for cam and crank trigger signals. Popular ecus such as AEM, Haltech, Fueltech, and way more!

Our kit uses the correct shielded wiring the sensor manufacturer requires at nearly 9ft long for the overall length of the harness! Shielded tefzel wire to protect your ecu signals with an incorporated drain line for the shielding. This harness includes all required leads to power the sensor, logic ground, cam trigger, crank trigger, plus a readily available ring terminal for the harness shielding itself.

Please note: Pin/terminal positions of this harness are incredibly vital to the health of the sensor and damages can easily occur if not wired correctly. You are 100% responsible for the life of your sensor when utilizing this product. You must inspect and confirm the pinout and pinning of both ends, at the sensor itself as well as the ecu side terminations. This harness is only for the wiring setup of the sensor and your ecu will still have requirements to setup hall inputs for the ecu to read the sensor signals themselves.