Spray Plate for B/D/F/H/J

  • $159.00

KS tuned 68mm/74mm Spray Plate:

The KS tuned 68mm/74mm spray throttle body plate fits the standard bolt pattern found on 88-00 Hondas and Acuras including the DBHFJ-series engines. 74mm is the largest size commonly found on aftermarket throttle bodies that still retain the IAC valve. Both plates include two stainless steel fittings that accept standard nitrous jets and will allow for a dual stage dry shot or single stage wet shot. Each fitting leads to no less than five injection ports inside the bore of the plate and each shot can be as large as you can find a jet for. *We tested for up to 200 HP per fitting.

* NOTE: Our 68mm Plate is REQUIRED if you are using a stock intake manifold due to the IACV location. 

Vehicle Fitment Applications

F-series (Accord and S2000)