90mm Spray Plate (Gen 2)

  • $159.00

The Gen 2 Spray Plates are an improvement in every way over the first generation plates. First we got rid of the gaskets and added o-rings instead! And like all Gen 2 KS Tuned Spray Plates, we’ve added the option for methanol nozzles to be added using our meth attachments (our meth attachments are compatible with all meth controllers). And of course Wet or Dry Nitrous can used in up to two stages on the 90mm plate!

The Gen 2 90mm Spray Plate fits all intake manifolds and throttle bodies that use the common 90mm Mustang flange pattern such as the Skunk2 Ultra Intake manifold and most sheet metal intakes as well. The plate includes four stainless steel fittings that accept all brands of standard nitrous jets and will allow for dual stage wet shot or up to four stages dry. Each fitting leads to no less than five injection ports inside the bore of the plate and each shot can be as large as you can find a jet for.

*We tested for up to 200 HP per fitting.

Vehicle Fitment Applications

  • 90mm Ford Mustang flange commonly found on aftermarket intake manifolds

    • Skunk2 Ultra Intake Manifolds

    • K-tuned and Magnus aftermarket intake manifolds

  • Four ports allow for dual stage wet shot or up to four stages dry

  • Accepts up to two meth attachments for use with pure methanol or water/meth (sold separately)

  • Bolts and o-rings included (No more gaskets!)

  • Billet aluminum plate, anodized black with stainless steel fittings

Spray Plate Nitrous/Fuel Jet Size Chart

 Target HP
Nitrous Jet
Fuel Jet
55 HP 32 17
65 HP 36 19
75 HP 40 21
100 HP 46 26