B & D Series Shift Linkage Roll Pin Adapter

  • $75.00

Precision Works Shifter Pin Lock / Roll Pin Adapter - Version 2

Version 2 now comes with more hardware and more bushings inserts so you can fit in all kinds of shift linkage for Honda B-Series and D-Series!

If you've tried to take off the factory roll pin on a Honda shift linkage, you know the pain.  This is why they call it the "bitch pin."

The Precision Works shift linkage adapter is a knuckle or joint that installs between the shifter linkage and the transmission. More precise shifting, and easy install and removable. No more bitching! 

Fitment Application:

  • Honda and Acura

  • B-Series and D-Series 


  • Direct replacement of the factory roll pin.

  • Adapter bushing size is 45.6mm or 1.795". Please be sure to double check the size of your knuckle before purchase

  • For larger knuckles, you can add spacers or washers to fill the void

  • Easy to remove and install shift linkage