RMA Return Service

RMA Return Service

  • $35.00

In order to return merchandise to Burton Racing for diagnostic or warranty repair it is required to pay a Return Merchandise Service Fee. This fee is designed to cover diagnostic labor and return shipping for domestic customers (international customers will incur more fees for the shipping difference).

If you are returning the items for other reasons please see our return policy page or contact us via email for further information or instruction.

Once you have paid for this service you will be contacted via email with our RMA Form that requires you to print and complete the customer assigned sections of the form. This is to be included in the package that is returned to us.

This Fee does NOT extend or modify the warranty rules and regulations publicly stated on our website. This Fee is to cover ONLY diagnostics and domestic shipping (subject to change based on shipping rates) for the product being returned to us. It will NOT cover any additional parts or labor that may possibly be required to fix or replace the product.