RM11 Component for VTEC

RM11 Component for VTEC

  • $9.00

Tired of jumping resistors? Some ecus require an RM11 component for VTEC to function correctly. In the past it became a widespread habit of jumping resistors to the needed locations to mimic the VTEC functionality of the original part. Now we have a complete RM11 replacement solution!

This part does an amazing job at assisting you with a nice and clean VTEC conversion to your ecu. No need to have an unprofessional and messy look by jumping resistors over each other. This part has everything built in and makes installation a breeze!

RM11 is to be installed with the components facing the front label of the ecu case.

Note: this is not a complete VTEC conversion. If you need a VTEC conversion kit CLICK HERE This part is needed for ecus that have an empty RM11 location on the ecu. Some ecus may already have an RM11 installed and others do not have an RM11 location at all. We strongly encourage you to remove the top cover and check before purchasing.