Velocity Stack Air Filter

  • $50.00

PLM 3" Composite Velocity Stack and Filter Kit

Velocity stacks are also called intake trumpets, which gives you a bit better idea what they are. They’re little trumpet-shaped air intakes for your engine. The trumpet shape smooths the flow of air into the intake, allowing the most air possible to flow through the given volume of the intake. Put simply, more air means more power for an engine. Includes: 

  • Air filter

  • Velocity stack

  • Silicone hose

  • 3x hose clamps

Key Features:

  • Hose connection size is 3" (76mm) or 3.5" (89mm)

  • Velocity Stack opening is approx 6" (152mm)

  • Measurements in OD

  • Universal application

  • Attach to your air box, intake pipe, turbo, and many others.

  • Velocity stack is proven to work