OBD2 ECU (K Series)

  • $425.00

Are you looking for an ECU for you K series setup? We keep them in stock and ready to ship. These ECU's are of the 5 speed variant and may be either from a 01-05 Civic SI (PNF) or an 02-04 RSX (PND). These are the perfect ECU's for your K swap car with 5 speed transmissions as well as a K20 or K24 engine combination.

These ECU's will work great with Hondata K-Pro systems and if you are ready for that upgrade we would love to assist you with that purchase as well, you can have a K-Pro pre installed into an ECU using this link here, K-pro ECU

*ECU cosmetic condition may and will vary on a case by case basis. Covers may show small denting or slight discoloration and casings may show age as well. This in no way alters or modify's the operation of the ECU itself*