Mini Cooper R50 PNP EMU Black

Mini Cooper R50 PNP EMU Black

  • $1,449.00

The EMU Black PNP ECU series was created to simplify the connection of the EMU Black ECU to popular cars. The ECU has a preloaded base map for an unmodified stock car which is a very good starting point for tuning the engine.

The list below summarizes all EMU BLACK PNP ECU features for the Mini Cooper R50

  • Precise fuel control based on Speed Density strategy

  • Advanced ignition angle control

  • Real time tuning

  • Wideband oxygen sensor support (LSU 4.2 or LSU 4.9)

  • Knock control

  • Drive-by-wire support with auto-calibration feature

  • Fuel auto-tune function

  • Support of OEM CAN stream

  • Sport functions like traction control, boost control, rev matching, gear cut, etc.

  • Safety features like oil pressure cut, stuck throttle detection, lambda guard and more

  • Easy and intuitive software