MFactory Honda B-Series Shaft Brace Cuff

  • $209.95

MFactory - Infinitude B series shift brace "Cuff" that replaces the 5th gears and supports the shafts. Help keep your high-horsepower transmission together with the MFactory Shaft Brace. By keeping your transmissions shafts locked together (but still able to spin freely as intended), our Shaft Brace helps counteract the effects of Radial Loads created from highly loaded gears. 

Our Shaft Brace is particularly recommended for those running straight-cut gears in their high horsepower transmission due to the increased Radial Loads created (an inherent weakness of straight-cut gears).

Fitting 1992-2001 Integra LS, GSR, JDM YS1 (Integra XSI/RSI), Integra Type R, B16 Hydro S4C Y21, 1999-2000 Civic Si. These parts should be installed by a professional and other related Transmission parts should be inspected for wear. Brace will fit only B16 Hydro GSR Type R and LS transmissions with the case ID of "Y80" "S80" "YS1""Y21" or "S4C"