K24 CR-V Side Mount Block Bracket

  • $50.00

Precision Works Engine Mount Block Bracket for K-Series K24 Engines

This block bracket, also called the post mount, is a must have for all K24 swap setups!  If you're doing a K24 setup, and need a K24 CRV mount bracket, this is the bracket you need!


  • Works with K24

  • Compatible with all K24Ax, K24Zx engines

  • Fits all K24A and K24Z blocks

  • Must have for K24 K24Z swaps

  • Reference OEM Part # 11910-PPA-000

  • Similar to OEM Honda CRV passenger side bracket


  • Meets or exceeds OEM quality

  • Solid and heavy duty

  • Coated black

  • Precision CNC machined bolt holes