Honda Civic EK 96-00 K Series Swap Mount Kit w/ EG DC2 Subframe

  • $629.00

*All Hasport items ship in 2-4 weeks*

Performance mount kit for K-Series engine swaps into the 96-00 Civic. This kit uses Hasport’s dual height mount system and patented flip mount. This means whether you are using a K20 or K24 engine, the head remains in the same location. Headers, intakes and turbo kits will fit the same no matter which engine you choose. This mount kit makes swapping the K-Series engine into the EK Civic a bolt in procedure. Because this kit is used with the EG or DC2 subframe, the engine is moved further back in the engine bay for more radiator and AC compressor clearance.

The EKK kit comes in three variations depending on the transmission being used-

  • EKK2 mount kit works with the RSX and 02-11 Civic Si manual transmissions.

  • EKK4 mount kit works with the 03-07 Accord and 04-08 TSX manual transmission.

  • EKK5 mount kit works with the 08-13 Accord, 09-14 TSX and 12-15 Civic Si manual transmission. Also works with the K-Series CRV and Element AWD or FWD manual transmission.

  • Requires the use of the EG or DC2 subframe, steering rack and lower control arms.

Like all Hasport mount kits, it’s designed using sophisticated CAD/CAM software. This kit features:

  • Dual height to optimize engine placement for best axle alignment, ground and hood clearance.

  • Ideal engine placement and axle alignment.

  • Designed blending strength and style with a lifetime warranty for worry free use.

  • Four different bushing durometers for applications ranging from daily driver to 8 second drag car.