K Series Spray Plate for RBC/PRB Intake (Gen 2)

  • $159.00


**70-74mm fits all throttle bodies from 70 through 74mm**

We've redesigned the KS Tuned Spray plates to be slightly smaller and fit the contours of most intake and throttle setups more precisely! All Gen 2 K-Series Spray Plates now feature provisions for single nozzle methanol injection. No need for ugly fittings tapped in to your intercooler charge tubes, the Gen 2 Spray Plate allows the methanol nozzle to be mounted cleanly out of sight. All plates will include plugs to seal the nozzle mounting holes if they are not used and methanol attachment kits are sold separately.

Please purchase your methanol attachment kit here: KS Tuned Methanol Attachment Kit

The KS tuned PRB/RBC Throttle Body Spray Plate fits both bolt patterns found on PRB and RBC K-series intake manifolds. The bore is 70mm and it works with DBW and cable throttle bodies. The plate includes two stainless steel fittings that accept all brands of standard nitrous jets and will allow for a dual stage dry shot or single stage wet shot. Each fitting leads to no less than five injection ports inside the bore of the plate and each shot can be as large as you can find a jet for.

*We tested for up to 200 HP per fitting.

Vehicle Fitment Applications:

  • PRB/PRC flanged intake manifolds:

    • Skunk2 Pro Series

    • 02-06 RSX Type-S (K20a2/Z1)

    • 02-05 Civic SI (K20a3)

    • JDM K20A Type R

    • 04-08 TSX (RBB)

    • 02+CRV, 03+Accord, 03+Element (RAA, similar to RBB but smaller plenum and only 60mm TB opening)

  • RBC/RRC flanged intake manifolds:

    • 06+ USA Civic SI

    • 06+ Civic Type R, FD2, K20A engine (RRC)