K Series Side Mount Block Bracket V2

  • $95.00

V2 now has a brand new design, with a nicer toolpath and cutout on the center of the bracket, lightweight, and finished off with the PLM logo. The mounting holes are also all slotted, so it makes installation easier and fits both the K24 and K20!

This block bracket, also called the post mount, is a must have for all K-Swap setups! If you're doing a K24 setup, and need a K24 CRV mount bracket, this is the billet bracket you need!


  • Works with K20 and K24

  • Compatible with all K20Ax/K20Zx, K24Ax, K24Zx engines

  • Universal K-Series Block Bracket

  • Must have for K24 K24Z swaps

Key Features:

  • Made of high quality 6061 billet aluminum

  • Precision CNC machined

  • 100% billet aluminum

  • Includes hardware