Inline Thermostat Housing -16 AN & 1.25" Fittings

  • $95.00

NOTE: Thermostat is not included.  You will need a Stant #13958 thermostat.

Precision Works Universal Inline Thermostat Housing AN16 & 1.25" Fittings

Add a thermostat to the engine with this Precision Works inline thermostat housing!

This part is designed with a threaded ORB fitting so you can use either 1.25" or AN16 fitting that are provided with this.  Want a smaller or larger size?  Simply get a different size fitting and you can virtually fit any sized fitting into your cooling system!


  • Universal fitment
  • Both 1.25" hose connection or 16AN fitting connection
  • Commonly used with a Meziere water pump

If you have a Honda K-Series and have the electric pump, this is the inline thermostat housing you will need!

Chevy or American Muscle with Meziere pump?  This is the inline thermostat housing you need!

You will need a thermostat Stant Part # 13958 (180 degree) in the housing.

Key Features:

  • CAD Designed & Engineered in the USA
  • Precision CNC machined 
  • 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Universal fitment
  • Standard 1.25" radiator hose fitting AND 16AN fitting
  • Machined billet aluminum finish