IC17 Component for Fuel Pump

IC17 Component for Fuel Pump

  • $18.00

Replaced the capacitors and your fuel pump is still not working? Leaving your key on for a long time until the fuel pump primes? This is most likely your culprit. The IC17 component directly controls the fuel pump output. This part is growing to be a very wide spread and common failure with OBD1 ecus. 

Symptoms of a bad IC17: Your fuel pump does not turn on even after replacing the capacitors. Or you find yourself having to leave the key on for an extended amount of time before the fuel pump will initiate prime.

IC17 is to be installed with the components facing the front label of the ecu case.

Note: replacement IC17 does not contain a voltage backup. Chip, S300, and other modified ecus do not typically require this feature however stock ecus may not save fuel trims and other features due to this. This replacement was created with aftermarket ecus in mind and is a great cost effective solution to saving your ecu.