Hondata S300 V3

  • $590.00
  • Save $-590

Please select the option that is best suited for you and keep in mind S300 can ONLY be installed into OBD1 ECU's for those of you sending in for install.

No Install- You are purchasing a new S300 board in box. You do NOT send in your ECU since you are declining installation.

Yes Install- You will ship your ECU to us using the instructions in your order confirmation email and take advantage of our proffesional install plus FREE capacitor replacement, VTEC, and BBG boost by gear upgrades installed into your ECU.

Ready to Run- You are purchasing a new S300 installed into our refurbished OBD1 ECU with new capacitors, VTEC, and BBG boost by gear options installed. (We have conversion harnesses for OBD0, OBD2A, & OBD2B in our wiring section)

This product may be illegal for use in regards to your location or form of operation. Please contact us directly using for all inquires on how to abide by the Clean Air Act and clarification on CARB certified devices.

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