Hondata Civic L15B Turbo Fuel System

  • $2,600.00

*Now available for the 11th Gen 2022 Civic SI*

The Hondata fuel system for the Honda L15B turbo 10th Gen Civic Si (2017-2021) consists of hardware and FlashPro Manager Software components designed to deliver significantly more fuel flow over stock (35% Injector, 39% cam/pump combo). This system enables your 1.5L turbo Honda Civic Si to take the next logical step for a reliable, well engineered and thoroughly tested fuel delivery solution. The Hondata 1.5L fuel system hardware paired with our proprietary software delivers fuel for those of you who have modifications that are limited by the stock fuel system. Although the camshaft does not make HP, it plays a key role in allowing you to use your FlashPro to tune for maximum power without the loss of fuel pressure. So if you’re ready to fuel more power or you’re simply tired of blending and would like the ability to run full E85 with your flex fuel kit, the Hondata Fuel System Upgrade is right for you.

The Kit Includes:

  • Installation instructions
  • High Flow Fuel Injectors & Clips
  • High Flow High Pressure Fuel Line
  • Injector Fly Leads
  • Camshaft
  • FlashPro software includes the mod for injector and camshaft support

Download FlashPro Manager 4.06 for the Hondata 1.5 Fuel System support.

This kit is an OEM direct replacement, meaning everything can be returned to stock. Tuning is very simple with your FlashPro device. Apply the fuel system mod to your calibration and tune for boost, fuel and ignition as normal. Hondata has tested this system for a 300 hp increase over stock to well over 500 hp. Make your 1.5 Civic a Type R beater!