Hondata K-Pro V4

Hondata K-Pro V4

  • $790.00

Please select the option best for you as described below. Please keep in mind for those sending in for install or exchange, Kpro can only be installed into 01-05 EP3 PNF ECU's, 02-04 RSX PND and PRB ECU's, PRC Type R, and 02-04 PPA (A50-A59) CRV ECU's.

If you need an ECU specially formatted for 05-06 RSX, D17 Civic, or S2000 applications CONTACT US BY EMAIL WE GOT YOU !!!

Install- We have Kpro installed into the ecu you send in using the instructions in your order confirmation email. (Lead time 2-3 weeks) CURRENT LEAD TIME: Kpro is back ordered, if you send in an ecu for install it can take as little as 2 weeks or even up to 2 months, we have no control over Hondata stock and we can not cancel an order once your ecu is received for install.

Exchange- We swap your supplied ecu for a comparable ecu with Kpro installed. We have Auto, 5 Speed, and 6 Speed ECUS ready for exchange! (WARNING: we only accept good working ecus for exchange, we inspect each ecu when it is received before shipping out your exchange)

Kpro Auto ECU- Brand new Kpro installed into our supplied Auto ECU ready for installation into your build! (Auto ECU requires VSS wire repinned to the Kpro board, we have instructions for easy install)

Kpro 5 Speed ECU- Brand new Kpro installed into our supplied 5 Speed ECU ready for installation into your build!

Kpro 6 Speed ECU- Brand new Kpro installed into our supplied 6 Speed PRB ECU ready for installation into your build!


This product may be illegal for use in regards to your location or form of operation. Please contact us directly using for all inquires on how to abide by the Clean Air Act and clarification on CARB certified devices.

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