Honda Civic CRX EF 88-91 B & D Series Weld-In Replacement Bracket

  • $90.00

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Hasport weld-in replacement bracket to convert your 88-91 Civic back to use a D or B-series manual transmission.

Use this bracket to easily restore you previously K, J or H swapped car back for use with the original D-series engine or a B-series swap. It also works with the CRV AWD B-series manual transmission. The bracket is located accurately using a 8mm batter tray bolt hole present on all chassis and then should be welded in. Once welded in the locating tab can be cut off the bracket for a cleaner installation.

Are you looking to convert your 88-91 AWD Civic wagon or AWD sedan for use with the B-series CRV manual transmission? Use this bracket and Hasport’s EFBAWD (CLICK HERE) mount kit from Hasport. This bracket works with B-series manual transmission or 88-91 Civic D-series manual or automatic transmission.

B-series transmissions will require the use of an engine swap mount kit like Hasport’s EFB1 or EFB2 mount kit. This bracket doesn’t work with B-series automatic transmissions or D-series AWD transmissions.