Honda Civic CRX 88-00 Acura Integra 90-01 Adjustable Bump Steer Tie Rod Kit

  • $202.00


The PCI steering tie rods are a must for any high horsepower or track focused car. Larger, grippier tires, hard braking, drag launches, lower than factory ride heights combined with higher horsepower all contribute to significantly increased loads to the factory tie rod that was never designed to handle that much load. Our tie rods also have the ability to correct bump steer.

Adding extended ball joints will cause a toe out condition whereas adding caster will cause a toe in condition. If you're lucky, having both suspension mods may cancel each other out but it's never going to be perfect. Our adjustable tie rods have just the right amount of adjustment to tune out those bump steer issues.

 Vehicle Fitment:

  • Acura Integra DA DC 1990-2001

  • Honda Civic EF EG EK 1988-2000

  • Honda CR-X 1988-1991


  • CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum tie rod

  • 5/8" 4130 3pc rod ends

  • CNC machined 304 SS high angle spacers with .095" stainless bump steer adjustment washers

  • 30 degree max angle before binding

  • black anodized with laser etched PCI logo

  • M12 13.9 grade bolts with flanged nyloc nuts