Honda Civic EP 01-05 Acura RSX DC5 02-06 Steering Rack Slider (Track)

  • $58.00

Anyone who knows these cars knows the factory slider is the weak link to these cars steering racks. The factory sliders have a very loose fit with minimal material to hold up to any kind of hard abuse. When even the smallest amount of wear develops the steering can become very sloppy and less responsive. The car can also track left to right even when holding the steering wheel in a fixed position since the excessive play in the factory rack slider can cause it to move up and down not holding the steering tie rods and wheels in position.

Our solution to this is a rack slider with tighter tolerances and almost zero play. Also larger contact surface area for reduce wear and to withstand higher loads from increased horsepower and hard driving.


  • CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum mount

  • CNC machined Delrin rack slider

  • Black anodized mount

Track version will limit steering angle to 20 degrees (about 2 turns lock to lock).

Most lowered cars with large tires already have a limited steering angle due to the tire rubbing. Steering limit should be set at the rack and not your tires slamming into something sharp at high speed when your sideways in a full lock position. Also by reducing the steering angle this will make the car much easier to recover if you get sideways in a full lock position.