Honda Civic EP 01-05 Acura RSX DC5 02-06 Adjustable RUCA

  • $306.00

Vehicle Fitment:

  • Honda Civic EM EP 2001-2005

  • Acura Integra RSX DC5 2002-2006


  • CNC laser cut steel brackets

  • CNC machined high misalignment stainless steel spacers

  • High quality PCI-spec 4130 3pc spherical rod ends

  • Powder coated gloss metallic black *new for 2023*

  • CNC stainless cam bolt camber adjusters *new for 2023*


  • 3″ longer arm than factory for improved roll center movement during bumps

  • Reduces understeer and improves rotation due to less roll center drop during cornering/body roll

  • Allows for more precise suspension adjustments

  • Reduces wheel alignment changes

  • Eliminates unwanted suspension deflection

  • Long lasting, maintenance-free

  • Fully rebuildable