H22A Upgraded Timing Belt Walk Blocker Tensioner

  • $99.99

This is the end to your H22 timing belt worries. Ever notice how your belt wants to ride over the edge of the cam gears? This tensioner solution keeps the belt inline with the rotating components for worry free performance and operation. We use a name brand tensioner to ensure longevity and reliability come with your purchase.

**This part requires an ADDITIONAL manual or hydraulic tensioner for a complete replacement**

GMB 4359120

GMB is an OE bearing manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. Their Timing Belt Tensioners are designed and built to meet or exceed OE specifications.

Engine Application:

  • H22A

Key Features:

  • Built to withstand high performance use

  • Contains high heat resistant grease

  • Premium triple-lip seal to maximize grease retention and prevent contamination

  • Rigorous testing and quality control for all bearing components