H Series Tri-Y Header

  • $345.00

The PLM H-Series Tri-Y header features a true step up exhaust header design. With a four-piece design header that delivers low to mid range power while maximizing engine compartment space for this exhaust manifold. This header is ideal for all forms of competition; auto-cross, drag racing and road racing.

Recommended for Preludes and H-Series Swap cars such as EG EK DC2 & Accord. Also fits F20B Blue Top engines.

Please note you will need an aftermarket front cross member (traction bar) or notch it off to fit Preludes.

This header does NOT fit H2B SWAPS.  

  • Brand New In Box
  • One year limited warranty
  • Short tube Tri-Y header
  • True 2.5" collector
  • Machined CNC-ed manifold flange
  • Flange is .38" which is just about 3/8" thick
  • 18G on the 304 S/S. measured at .049" to .050"
  • Four-piece slip fit design