Fuel Pump Upgrade Harness

  • $145.00

This is the BEST assisting upgrade to your fuel system money can buy! Our fuel pump upgrade harness steps up your regulated fuel pump voltage to nearly 14.5V increasing your fuel flow by nearly 15% without any additional modifications.

Equipped with TRUE 10 AWG wire rated for up to 30 amps of current draw and sealed fuse/relay connection. You can safely and effectively prepare your car for the high horsepower and reliability you desire.

Our kit attaches directly to your under hood fuse box to pick up a new voltage source and run it back to your fuel pump with great fitment on both 2 door and 4 door applications. We use the OEM style connectors at the pump to offer a very simple no cut or splice installation!

This kit is Plug n Play for most OBD1 and OBD2 Honda and Acura sport compacts. Now you can run the upgraded wiring to your pump like EVERY fuel pump manufacturer suggests!

We also offer an Expansion Kit to allow you to adapt this harness over to OBD0 chassis such as CRX and EF models. Not only that but this add on allows to you extend the our harness power and ground connections for custom applications such as external fuel pumps, fuel cells, or stock/modified rear sump applications!

Also included in the Expansion Kit is a signal harness which allows you to run a new relay signal into the harness whether it is for a new ignition source to bypass your factory relay, or for manual control applications such as a switch panel with on/off control.

Also included in our Expansion Kit is a 2 wire bulk head fitting to run your power and grounds into the top hat of the stock tank or body of the vehicle for a sealed environment.

NOTE: This kit does not bypass the factory relay.

EXPANSION KIT: Comes standard with 5 FT leads on both power/ground harness and signal harness. If custom lengths are needed please contact us.

This product is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY. We do not offer any tuning support for this product and any hardware or software changes need to be performed by a professional.