Fuel Pressure Gauge

  • $21.99

Burton Racing is proud to offer our very own Fuel Pressure Gauge. This gauge is PREMIUM in both design and materials, we are boldly offering the very best available on the market for your automotive needs. 

Our gauge by design uses the standard size 40mm or 1.5" face along with 1/8 NPT male threaded connection and shock proof instrumentation. BUT WE DO NOT STOP THERE...

Appearance: A black coated stainless steel housing with Burton Racing dial indicates a pressure range of 0 to 100 PSI, followed by a bright red indicator needle for clear visible readings. This dial has indication markings for every 5 PSI graduation of fuel pressure and large bold print markings with numerical print for every 20 PSI graduation.

Quality: Stainless Steel build construction from the housing to the instrumentation means strong, reliable, and accurate operation. As you can see the 1/8 NPT threaded fitting on our gauge is even stainless steel where others use cheap brass that does NOT hold up to harsh fuel conditions. The same stainless materials are used throughout the actual instrumentation of our gauges to ensure they can withstand the toughest conditions. The instrumentation is truly "shock proof" and rated to 2% accuracy or better in all operating conditions. Where most gauges use a cheap glycerin fill we have stepped it up another notch and use pure silicone oil inside of our housings. This provides the very best stability and temperature conditions, the liquid fill is formulated to offer better operation in both cold and hot temperatures. While also out performing glycerin as it's stability is nearly double when it comes to operating temperature ranges.


  • Thread/Connection: 1/8" NPT Male Thread
  • PSI Range: 0 to 100 PSI
  • Color: BLACK housing, BLACK face, WHITE indicator marks and lettering, RED needle
  • Fill Material: Silicone Oil
  • Accuracy: 2% under ANSI qualifications
  • Shock Proof: Yes
  • Material: Stainless