External Coil on Plug Kit (OBD2 Compatible)

  • $449.00

PREORDER: Ship date ETA 8/9/24 we are shipping these in batches on a first come first served manner with no holds. No refunds after 24 hours from order placement. All orders require pre payment to put you in line with our next batch shipping in 30 days!

This system is not installed into an ECU and does not require you to swap to another ecu, it works with your OEM ECU!

This kit will NOT defeat or disable any emissions devices nor can it cause a check engine light. All emissions equipment functions as normal, allowing for vehicles to be smog tested in emissions restricted environments.

It's FINALLY Here. Our latest and greatest coil on plug controller offering now completely plug and play with zero soldering, cutting, or splicing required. This kit is fully OBD2 compatible! No need to switch over to an OBD1 ECU, whether your car is an auto or manual our kit will work on your application.

This setup is proven to run on your OBD1, OBD2A, and OBD2B factory ecu in auto or manual configuration, how does it work? Simply mount the control module using our battery location mount or secure directly to your firewall or shock tower. Disconnect your distributor and then plug our harness into the vehicles engine side and distributor side plugs. Then fasten the ground wire and plug the harness into your coil packs. That's all it takes to get up and running with this kit. 

Your purchase includes our external coil on plug control module and OBD specific patch harness to seamlessly integrate into the vehicles existing wiring with an easy 2 plug connection.

We offer 3 types of patch harnesses for each OBD type in the form of OBD1, OBD2A, and OBD2B. Please verify which style connection you have on your vehicle before ordering.

We offer an additional battery location mount for the control module to mount atop, this makes for a quick and easy install. This mount is not required and users have the ability to mount the control module securely to the chassis itself.

This kit does NOT include coil packs or a coil mounting bracket, all of which can be purchased separately CLICK HERE.

Compatible with B, D, and H Series engines! Fully tested on Civic, Integra, Prelude, and Accord chassis combinations with 10's of thousands of mile of real world testing on each platform and ZERO issues.

Converting to coil on plug ignition requires you to have a functioning distributor and ECU with wiring in working order. Our kit requires a synchronization procedure before the vehicle will fire, this means the engine will turn over at minimum one to two complete revolutions to confirm engine position for optimal performance and reliability before firing spark into the cylinder. 

This kit bypasses the coil and ICM ignitor allowing you to remove the cap and rotor to install a low profile billet cap. By bypassing these components you can extend the life of a failed OEM distributor or start using an aftermarket unit since the commonly failed components are now removed.

We recommend checking ignition timing with a timing light after install especially when using an aftermarket distributor. Removing a malfunctioning coil or ICM ignitor from the system can change the ignition timing once bypassed.

You are required to run resistor spark plugs with this kit as with any coil on plug ignition system.

Our harness is built using early model K series style coil connectors which fit 01-06 K20/K24 and D17 coil packs.