BL TD06H-62X Billet Turbocharger for EVO X

BL TD06H-62X Billet Turbocharger for EVO X

  • $1,849.99

Boost Lab EVO-X TD06H-62X Billet Turbocharger 

This is the PERFECT OEM Upgrade turbo for both street and track use for the EVO X

Introducing the new BL TD06H-62X Billet turbocharger for the Mitsubishi Evolution X! This is a direct bolt on replacement for your OEM TD05HA-152G6-12T turbo with no external modifications required for fitment. The BL TD06H-62X is the perfect direct replacement for the everyday enthusiast or diehard track racer wanting quick spooling powerful turbo.  

Made from forged billet aluminum, our wheel features a 6+6 blade count, slim hub, and extended tip exducer. The TD06H turbine wheel is a big step up in size from the stock TD05H. This cuts down on back pressure and allows the 4B11 engine to breathe to it's full potential. This results in a smooth powerband all the way to redline. To handle this extra power we built this unit using a dual ball bearing CHRA. New oil drain gasket, crush washers, and turbine inlet & outlet gaskets are included at no extra charge.

The BL TD06H-62X is capable of flowing over 700hp! 

Quick Specs

  • Compressor
    • Boost Lab 62X (62mm) Billet Compressor Wheel
    • Stock frame Evo-X compressor cover 
  • Turbine
    • MHI TD06H Performance Turbine Wheel
    • 12cm2 (.89 A/R) Ni-Resist Evo-X Turbine Housing
    • 1 Bar Internal Wastegate Actuator
  • Bearing
    • Boost Lab Dual Ball Bearing Structure
  • Hardware & Gaskets
    • Copper Crush Washers 
    • Turbo Oil Drain Gasket
    • Turbine Inlet Gasket
    • Turbine Discharge Gasket