ECU SIM Expansion

  • $45.00

This expansion board allows you to have even more control over the ECU with your Moates V3 ECU Simulator. Not only can you test more functions, but you will be able to set up specific tuning parameters and trigger them to view their inputs/outputs as well. We added a vehicle speed simulator controlled by a potentiometer knob and 4 new switched signals with LED indicators. Kit comes ready to install onto your existing V3 test board with the complete harness ready to pin into your existing connectors!

New Features:

  • ACS- AC Switch
  • PSPS- Power Steering Switch
  • STS- Starter Switch
  • BKSW- Brake Switch
  • VSS- Vehicle Speed Sensor

Product will include the expansion board, harness, install kit, and instructions. This board installs into the existing 5V sensor power, ground, and A17 pin slots. Basic soldering is required but very simple and straight forward to add onto your original simulator.

*original ecu tester not included*