ECU Bench Test Service

ECU Bench Test Service

  • $95.00

Burton Racing will bench test your ECU to determine its operation and functionality! Needing to know if your ECU is good or usable in your latest build? Sketchy internet purchase has you guessing and tearing your car apart to find a problem? We are here to help! We inspect and test your OBD1 ECU to make sure all the vital functions are performing correctly so you don't plug the ECU in and find out its actually the sole issue of your build or even worse, causing a harness smoke show due to a shorted computer board.

We test for power on/off operations and signals for both input and output to ensure key ingredients like the fuel pump, ICM, IACV, injectors, VTEC, etc. are working as intended to give your OBD1 ECU a clean bill of health.

Do you know your ECU is the issue? We can find out! Our $95 bench test service will include a diagnostic look into the computer and even cover small repairs! Capacitor problem? VTEC not engaging due to faulty components? The bench test fee covers small repairs like this so your ECU can get fixed and shipped back to you for no extra charge!


  • Not all ECUs are fixable, if your ECU is suffering from a major issue such as a processor failure the ECU will be deemed unsalvageable and we will not fix this issue or other larger issues with the ECU. You will not be subjected to any available refund if this is the case. However Burton Racing does value your business and credit half of your bench test fee ($45) in exchange of your ECU towards our refurbished ECU or another ECU service.

  • WE ONLY TEST OBD1 ECU's, if you have any questions or need help to determine if your ECU is an OBD1 variant, please contact us for help as refunds will not be available for this service.

  • Typical labor time is 1-5 days based on our shops work load at the time of your ECU being delivered. Please note bench testing, diagnostic, and repair work is difficult and time consuming, we reserve the right to take more than 5 days during times when our service department is at capacity.

ATTENTION: At this time bench test services are taking approximately 30+ days to complete from the time of its arrival. If this time frame does not work for you and you are in immediate need, PLEASE feel free to purchase one of our refurbished OBD1 ECU's in either chip or S300 socket formats.