E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Bracket

  • $19.99

This mounting bracket is used to conveniently mount your E85 Flex Fuel sensor. Made from durable, 3D printed ABS plastic this part was skillfully designed to solve the common mounting issues when converting your car to Flex Fuel when using GM sensor part no. 13507129. This bracket is versatile and can be placed wherever you see fit on your vehicle using the incorporated counter-sunk bolt hole provisions. Not only is this bracket a low-profile design, it uses rigid sidewalls to help secure the sensor from movement or strain when fuel lines are connected. The best part about this bracket is that it does not have a snapping tab to keep the sensor in place, instead it utilizes a securing tab with a bolt for easy removal and reuse of the bracket.

All hardware is included for flush or through panel mounting (short M6 x 1.00 bolt, long M6 x 1.00 bolt, M4 x 0.70 bolt, M6 x 1.00 nylock nut).

2 locking tabs are included to fit various sensor styles such as the Burton Racing proprietary sensor and the Continental branded sensor.

*Sensor not included*

*3D printed parts may differ in appearance and have minor cosmetic flaws due to the process of manufacturing the part*