Distributor Cap Block Off

  • $70.00

PLEASE READ: There are 2 types of caps, please review the following information to help you select the proper cap to fit your distributor. If you have any questions feel free to email us!

Type 1: Designed to fit USDM B16, B18A/B, B20B/Z, D15, D16, H22, and H23 distributors. These distributors should have one of the following part numbers TD41U, TD42U, TD44U, TD46U, TD55U, TD61U, TD73U, TD74U, TD81U.

Type 2: Designed to fit USDM and JDM B18C GSR and Type R distributors. These distributors should have one of the following part numbers TD86U, TD87U, TD68U.

This accessory is a very popular add on when converting to COP Coil on Plug ignition systems. Allowing you to remove the larger plastic factory style cap and replacing it with a low profile billet cap. This cap will require the removal of your cap, rotor, and ICM from the distributor housing which are bypassed when using a COP system.

These caps are manufactured from high quality billet 6061 aluminum for a lightweight and strong design, then finished in a black anodizing.