D Series Coil Plate

  • $60.00

The long awaited D Series coil mounting solution you have been waiting for. This plate allows you to run the D17 coil packs on your D16 engine without any valve cover swaps or fabrication being done. Utilizing the 2 front fastener locations this plate securely mounts at the front of the valve cover and allows you to bolt down all 4 coil packs. This is truly a great way to make your coil conversion a breeze and not require any extra work other than fastening a few simple bolts/nuts.

Included are 4 button head allen bolts to secure the coil packs to the mounting plate as well as the additional bolt for the corner of the valve cover.

Available in raw brushed aluminum or anodized black finish.

*Coil plates do NOT include any hardware other than what is noted in the description.*