K Series K24 K20 Megaphone 3" V-Band Header V3

  • $550.00

PLM's latest design with this K-Swap V3 header fits both K24 and K20, with a brand new megaphone design, reverse cone, to a 3-inch v-band collector outlet!

This version 3 model offers multi-stepped tubing design, smooth porting on the primaries, carefully paired stepped tubing, mandrel bends, true 4-1 merge collector, latest megaphone and reverse cone design, and with a popular 3" v-band flanges, and clamp. Two O2 sensor bungs, one for wideband if you need it, with plugs included.  For the slip-fit connection, we opt to use a U-bracket tab for the most secure connection with a bolt and nut (not springs that will lose tension overtime.)

PLM has been making Honda headers since 2005 and we believe this model is the best design to date for the price!


  • K-Swap K24 K-Series

  • K-Swap K20 K-Series

  • Honda Civic EG EK 1992-2000

  • Acura Integra DC2 1994-2001

  • Not confirmed to fit CRX / EF

Key Features:

  • 3" collector

  • 304 stainless steel

  • Long tube header

  • 4-1 merge collector

  • Megaphone with 3" reverse cone 

  • V-band is a 3-inch collector outlet

  • CNC machined flanges

  • Flange is .38" thick

  • 18 gauge stainless steel

  • Two piece slip-fit design

  • V-band flange for easy installation and quick release