COP Install Service

COP Install Service

  • $45.00

You MUST select the type of COP board you are using as the connections are specific to each control board.

DO NOT purchase if you have selected YES for install while buying the COP kit, install is free with your purchase of the kit!

This purchase is for labor, parts, and return shipping of your ECU. What does it cover? Preparation of your OBD1 ECU for the COP control board to allow the ECU to have coil on plug ignition. We install the necessary pin header, solder the jumper wires, and machine the case so your ecu is ready to go! If you provide the COP board with your ECU we will mount and connect it before returning. If you do not send in a COP board we will cover and secure the jumper wires neatly inside the ECU where they can remain until you are ready to add the COP controller. This service does not change or modify any ECU signals and can be done before you are ready for the COP install, the ECU will still operate/communicate with the distributor correctly regardless of the COP operation.

Typical labor time is 1-3 days based on our shops work load at the time of your ECU being delivered. If you would like to confirm if your OBD1 ECU is eligible for modification please send us an email and we will be happy to help! 

*It is 100% your responsibility to send in a good functioning ECU eligible for modification.*

*COP BOARD IS NOT INCLUDED with install, picture is used for representation purposes only.*