Coil on Plug Kit

  • $339.00

Our coil on plug retrofit is the latest in Honda & Acura coil conversion technology. This kit offers the benefit of more spark energy to increase horsepower and fight spark blow out under high RPM/high boost applications. Even increasing drivability with smoother idle, faster starts, and reliable steady pulls throughout the RPM range.

We have successfully used this kit on cars and chassis in the Honda/Acura family years ranging 1988-2001 with common engines such as B16, B18, B20, D15, D16, F20, F22, F23, H22, H23, etc...

This setup is the least invasive to install and 100% reversible without requiring any cutting or splicing necessary. This product does require soldering into the ECU. If you'd like to send us your ECU for the installation, we will do all of the soldering for you. Simply select "yes" for Install and you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on where to send your ECU.


No other hardware or software required! Compatible with a completely stock OBD1 ECU or with common tuning software's available today such as Hondata, Crome, Neptune, ECTune, BMTune, etc. as well as the RTP devices like Hondata S300 and Moates Demon boards.

Just like common setups on the market today you will be able to remove the Coil, Igniter (ICM), and rotor from the distributor to install a low profile distributor cap and bypassing those components common to failure!

It requires a USDM OBD1 ECU equipped with an FC1 knock board slot such as P06, P28, P30, P61, P72, and P75. On ECU's already equipped with a knock board it will require removal, please note stock knock sensors are highly unlikely to be utilized under any type of after market tuning situations and deemed unnecessary. They are easily removed and/or disabled inside the tuning parameters.

Like all Coil on Plug systems you are REQUIRED to run resistor type spark plugs. If you are unsure of your plug choice please contact your parts supplier or cross reference the part numbers online. We highly recommend using the NGK BKR series of spark plugs for Honda and Acura applications.

This kit is available as a partial unit as you see here with the COP conversion board (Apollo Tuning), harness, and install hardware with stickers and instructions included.

We also offer a full kit for someone looking for K20 or D17 coil packs with their purchase. Both of these are brand new aftermarket coil pack units sourced directly from the manufacturer and supplied in a set of four (4).

PLEASE NOTE: We guarantee these ignition coils in OEM type all motor conditions ONLY. If you are needing an ignition coil for performance builds and forced induction applications please use our NGK Brand coil packs to ensure the very best result.

There currently is a wide range of coil mounting hardware or techniques. Most applications for VTEC DOHC engines are utilizing K20 coils and SOHC engines mainly use D17 coil packs. This is directly up to the user in most cases on which route they will choose, please email us for any specific regards on mounting.

WARNING: All controllers are tested before shipping. Warranties are NOT valid to users that build/modify their own harness or perform an incorrect install. If the user claims the board is malfunctioning we must receive the entire ECU in for RMA to inspect your installation.

ECU’s must be rigid mounted to the chassis just as intended from the factory, aftermarket mounting plates and non factory locations are ok. All wiring must be secured in a safe location as you see in factory vehicles. Damage done to components due to the ECU and wiring being left free or laying loosely on the floor board is not covered under warranty.

This product is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY. We do not offer any tuning support for this product and any hardware or software changes need to be performed by a professional.