Coil on Plug Harness (Standalone)

  • $150.00

This harness is used to connect to your existing standalone ecu when wiring in individual coil pack igniters. A completely universal ECU-side connection utilizes a 4-pin DTM connector and includes the mating side connector with terminals, allowing for an easy installation on existing harnesses or to run brand new leads from the ECU's ignition outputs.

This harness uses the popular 02-06 Honda K-Series style coil connectors to ensure you have access to a wide range of ignition coil manufacturers, allowing for a seamless connection to the OEM style 3-pin Denso smart coils. This also works with other options, such as our aftermarket units or NGK branded units.

Quick and easy power/ground connections allow for a straightforward, no hassle install. The 12v + power lead (positive) uses a male spade terminal for easy connection to OEM style female terminals, but it is also ready to connect to an aftermarket harness and/or relay. A large ring terminal for the coil ground (negative) ensures a proper ground location can easily be found on the cylinder head in multiple desired locations. 

This harness comes as pictured, it does require crimping if you are installing the supplied mating DTM connector.

No RPM lead is built into this harness since it was designed to be used in standalone ECU setups that remove the factory distributor. You should run an RPM output wire directly from the ECU to the gauge cluster or RPM gauge in most cases; unless the cluster is ran by a multiplexer or CANbus system, in which case you will need to refer to your ECU instructions.

This harness is used to wire in the coil packs mentioned above. It only establishes the physical connections, your standalone ecu may still require you to setup and turn on specific calibration settings or enable the ignition outputs and features individually. Enabling features and making calibration changes is completely up to the customer and should only be done by a professional that understands the in-depth concept of EFI and ignition phasing events.