Chip Burner

  • $70.00

We offer a complete, simple to use, and advanced feature chip burning solution for the Honda/Acura 28 pin eprom based tuning platforms. This burner has the ability to not only burn the standard SST chips but also many more of the aftermarket units available since the original SST 27SF512 has been out of production for several years now.

The burner is equipped with 2 switchs to allow flexibility of use by also functioning as a CN2 based datalogger for OBD1 ecu's in addition to its original use of a chip burner. The second switch allows users to change from 12V or 14V mode for reading and writing the chips, some of the fake SST and alternative eproms require a 14V signal instead of the original 12V to perform the reading and writing functions. This burner is compatible with 32kb and 64kb chips as well as having the ability to write two maps onto a single 64kb chip for 2timer and multi tune functions.

Chip Compatibility:

  • SST 27SF512
  • SST 27SF256
  • Winbond W27C512
  • Winbond W27E512
  • AT 29C256
  • SRAM 61256/61C256
  • SRAM 62256/62C256
  • SRAM DS1230

*Includes Chip Burner, USB cable, and data-logging cable*

*Chip or eproms are not included*