Bluetooth Datalogger

  • $30.00

Check out the latest Bluetooth Datalogging component for OBD1 ECU's! This item easily plugs right into your CN2 datalog 4 pin header and will connect to your phone or laptop for quick diagnostics data display. Yes that means you can read sensor readings and engine conditions such as RPM, IAT, ECT, MPH, A/F Ratio, PSI, Voltage, Ignition Timing, TPS %, Injector Duty, as well as monitor inputs, outputs, setup safety/warning parameters and display MIL check engine light codes! 

This setup is extremely versatile and already configured, simply press it onto your 4 pin CN2 header and connect with your android device, use security pin code: 1234. This device will work with several different tuning software interfaces such as Crome, Neptune, Ectune, Bmtune, and a few other protocol types widely used in OBD1 tuning software.

This device allows you to configure your android device not only for phone viewing but also android tablets for those wanting a customized digital dash setup! We recommend using the very popular HRTuning application called TunerView, available on the Google Play store / android marketplace.

*Applications do vary and some may require in app purchases or permissions to access specific protocol types for you software*

*Pin Code: 1234*

*Android ONLY*