BL80R Journal Bearing Turbo

  • $1,422.02

Boost Lab BL80R Journal Bearing Turbocharger

This turbo features a newly designed Boost Lab Billet 7+7 Blade 80mm compressor wheel. This new design is extremely efficient at lower shaft speeds compared to other similar size units on the market. This translates into a stronger power band from mid-range rpm to the top-end horsepower.  A 96x88mm turbine wheel drives this rotor assembly. This unit comes standard with a ported anti-surge 5.5" Inlet / 3" Outlet compressor housing. This unit is available in Journal Bearing only. The Boost Lab Billet BL80R is fully assembled and VSR balanced at our facility and all of our BL turbochargers come with an industry standard 1 year unlimited mileage warranty.


  • Horsepower Rating: 1350hp
  • Compressor Housing: 5.5" Inlet / 3" Outlet
  • Compressor Wheel: Point-Milled Billet 7+7 Blade 80mm
  • Turbine Housing: Options listed in the Exhaust Housing drop down box above
  • Turbine Wheel: High flow 96x88mm Inconel Turbine Wheel 
  • Bearing Type: Journal Bearing w/ 360* Upgraded Thrust
  • Bolt Specs: Oil Feed - 1/4" NPT , Oil Return - 2 Bolt