BL64R Ball Bearing Turbo

BL64R Ball Bearing Turbo

  • $1,546.38

Boost Lab BL64R Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger 

Introducing the new Boost Lab BL64R Billet Turbocharger! This unit comes standard with our newly designed 7+7 blade point-milled billet compressor wheel with 76-Trim inconel turbine wheel. The BL64R is rated at 900hp in as a single unit or 1800hp in a twin configuration. The Boost Lab BL64R is assembled and vsr balanced in-house and comes with an industry standard 1 year unlimited mileage warranty.


  • Horsepower Rating: 900hp
  • Compressor Housing: 4" In / 2.5" Outlet
  • Compressor Wheel: Point-Milled Billet 7+7 Blade 64mm w/ Extended Exducer
  • Turbine Housing: Options listed in the Exhaust Housing drop down box above
  • Turbine Wheel: High flow 76 Trim Inconel Turbine Wheel 
  • Bearing Type: Oil & Water Cooled Dual Ball Bearing CHRA
  • Bolt Specs: Oil Feed - 7/16-24 , Oil Return - 2 Bolt