Billet Oil Pump Gears for H & F Series

  • $399.00

After years of testing in conjunction with Boundary Pumps, we finally have a solution for broken oil pump gears!

The problem:

  • Factory oil pump gears have been known to break in extreme conditions such as excessive rev limiting, extended high-RPM use and especially in the case of a loose flywheel. This breakage is caused because the OEM oil pump gears are made from sintered steel. Sintering is a cost-saving process where powdered steel is pressed into a solid form, which provides a hard, but brittle material.

The solution:

  • The 4140 billet oil pump gear was conceived to alleviate these problems while also providing a bump in oil pressure across the RPM range. Testing shows stable oil pressure beyond 10,000 RPM! Further, the Boundary Oil Pump Gears are made from billet 4140 with a yield strength 18x stronger than OEM sintered steel!

The price includes the OIL PUMP GEARS ONLY (inner & outer gears included) and are designed exclusively for the OEM Honda Oil Pump Housing! We strongly recommend these oil pump gears be used only in a brand new OEM Honda oil pump housing.

*Fits all H-series engines and F20b, F22, F23 using the OEM Honda housing*