Baffled Catch Can Small Oil Separator

  • $55.00

The PLM baffled oil catch can or breather tank is designed to collect oil and blow by gases from the PCV valve or engine valve cover from going to the intake system, which causes carbon and sludge build-up.

Very high quality, billet aluminum, CNC machined, and anodized black.  This PLM oil catch can has a unique feature with a dipstick, so you can tell if it needs to be drained without removing the catch can entirely.

This is the oil catch can that is being used in our Mercedes AMG oil fitting kit. We've seen this design in use in many cars, from BMW to Honda.  It is universal in fitment. Very high quality, and compact size to fit under the hood for easy installation.

This breather tank is internally baffled to keep the oil inside the breather tank, keeping your engine clean under hard driving conditions, allowing cleaner gases to be passed back to the intake.


  • Billet aluminum

  • CNC machined

  • 6061 aluminum

  • Anodized black

What is Included:

  • Hose

  • Hardware and bracket for easy mounting

  • 6x fittings

  • Hose clamps for universal fitment