B Series VTEC Coil Plate

  • $75.00

This is an awesome high quality solution to your coil pack conversion needs. These coil mounting plates fit both B16 and GSR style valve covers as well as any motor and VTEC head combination from the B series family from a straight B16, Type-R, GSR, or even an LS VTEC or B20 VTEC build. With this plate you can securely mount the popular K20 coil packs for your coil conversion!

The plate we offer is unlike most on the market as this one features 100% BILLET CNC MACHINED material. What does this mean? An ultra high quality fitment and finish, much better than the Chinese/Ebay plates you see online that are made with far less superior manufacturing methods and materials. This plate is built to last with strong threads that will hold up and raw machined finish that can be ran straight out of the box. 

Included are 4 button head allen bolts to secure the coil packs to the mounting plate.

Available in raw brushed aluminum or anodized black finish.

*Coil plates do NOT include any hardware other than what is noted in the description.*