B Series NON-VTEC Coil Plate

  • $75.00

FINALLY an affordable solution to hold down K20 style coil packs on your NON-VTEC B series engine. If you are using a B18A, B18B, or B20B engine variation utilizing the factory valve cover and looking to make the switch to Coil on Plug ignition this is the part you are looking for. This plate allows you to utilize the more popular K20 coil packs for your coil conversion.

Included are 4 button head allen bolts to secure the coil packs to the mounting plate, 2 threaded standoff hex spacers, and 2 bolts for mounting the plate to the spacers.

Available in raw brushed aluminum or black anodized finish.

*Coil plates do NOT include any hardware other than what is noted in the description.* 

*Older style valve covers such as the B18A may require slight modification for proper fitment.*