Hood Exit Turbo Up Pipes

  • $299.00

Power Driven B & H Series Hood Exit Up-Pipe & Dump Tube for Top Mount Turbo Manifolds

This is a 3-inch Up-pipe that comes with hood exit dump tube. The Up-pipe is designed with a hood exit teardrop opening and comes with a V-band flange for the Turbo Outlet.

3" v-band Up Pipe (Hood Exit Downpipe) - Tear Drop Cut
44mm wastegate Dump Tube (Hood Exit) - Tear Drop Cut
*This Up-Pipe only fits PLM B-Series & H-Series Top Mount Turbo Manifold setups with appropriate turbochargers.

Note:  Due to different turbo and wastegate setup, the tear drop cut end may not sit flush with your hood, or slight angle adjustment is needed
  • Hand TIG Welded
  • CNC machined manifold flange
  • One year warranty
  • 18 gauge on the 304 grade stainless steel, measured at .049" to .050"